Passive fire protection

Ventilation and Fume Extraction Ducts


Compartmentalisation can be compromised by ventilation and smoke extraction ducts. It is therefore necessary that they have the same fire resistance as the compartmentalising elements.

Fire-resistant ducts are the best way to ensure fire safety, as they provide fire resistance and prevent the spread of fire.

Fire resistance in ducts is a mandatory requirement when they pass through walls or floors that function as fire compartments.

The fire resistance tests of the ducts are carried out under standard EN 1366-1 for ventilation ducts and under EN 1366-8 for smoke extraction ducts. The ducts are tested on the basis of the following criteria:

Type (rectangular or circular).

Alignment (horizontal or vertical).

In the case of ventilation ducts, type of fire (exterior or interior).

Perlita y Vermiculita, S.L.U. offers solutions against fire for the protection of ducts, both for ventilation and smoke extraction.

Here you will find some of our recommended products to ensure greater passive fire protection: