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Sound Insulation


Acoustic insulation is the ability of a building element or structure to reduce the transmission of sound that passes through it. We can identify two types of insulation concerning the transmission of airborne sound and the transmission from impact sound. It is important to bear in mind that the weakest link in the construction has a great impact on the overall acoustics of the facility. It is very important, for example, to avoid leaks in the construction elements.

To avoid bothersome noise produced by the activity in the next room (either the one above or the one adjacent to it), the construction must be designed so that the sound is transmitted as little as possible. This does not require a huge concrete block or wall.

The acoustic insulation allows the noise coming from the outside to dissipate and thus it is hardly heard, or not heard at all. In the same way, it also helps to ensure that the noise or sounds generated inside are not transmitted to the outside with the same intensity or they dissipate completely (Sound Absorption).

Perlita y Vermiculita, S.L.U. has constructive solutions and products for the improvement of sound insulation and sound absorption.

Here you will find some of our recommended products to ensure improved sound insulation.