The Perlifoc mortar is a gypsum-based product, intended for passive fire protection of structural elements, compartmentalisation and in ventilation ducts. It also has thermal and sound insulationproperties.

In relation to the structural elements, Perlifoc can be used to protect open sections  (columns, beams and hollow sections), concrete beams and columns, floor slabs (both one-directional concrete and mixed composite), and wooden elements. With regard to compartmentalisation, it can be used in masonry walls, in vertical sheet divisions, in partitions, false ceilings and firewall strips.

This mortar provides a fire resistance of up to 240 minutes (R 240).

Constructive Solutions
Steel structures
Concrete structures
Composite decking
Wooden structures
Firewall strips
Smoke extractors

Perlifoc is wet-applied by means of a mixer and compressor type spraying machineIt can be applied manually in small areas or to repair bumps. To be able to make the application we will have to prepare the surface and put mesh in place if necessary.

To prepare the surface we must check that the support is dry and free of grease, dust and dirt; if the support does not offer these conditions it is recommended to put mesh in place. In addition, the use of mesh is also recommended in beams with a width of more than 500 mm, in columns where the application is applied to one side only, in square or rectangular shaped metal profiles and in columns subject to high levels of deformation. Before the application, the product must be mixed with water and then applied on the surface until the necessary thickness is achieved.

The application temperature must be between 3 and 30 °C; and the substrate temperature during application must be at least 3 °C above the dew point.

In closed and poorly ventilated areas (basements, confined spaces…), for correct drying of the mortar, it is recommended that the RH should not exceed 60% and that there should be adequate ventilation, with at least 4 complete air exchanges per hour until the material is dry (or for at least 2 weeks after completion of the application).

The Perlifoc mortar has a rough finish (it can be smoothed if necessary) and is white in colour (other colours are also available and it can be painted with paints tested under reaction to fire).


CE marking of the product, ETA 12/0005.

Tests according to European standard EN 13381-4 Tests according to European standard EN and construction solution.

Packaging Available

Bags of 20 kg
56 bags/pallet (1120 kg).

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