The Firefilm FC2 paint is a two-componentlow-VOChigh-thickness system for passive fire protection of steel structures. Its characteristics allow the product to be applied on site if necessary.

Firefilm FC2 provides rapid hardening, with a total dry time of 8 hours. Thanks to its high application thickness per layer, it only needs one layer to achieve a fire resistance of up to 120 minutes. These characteristics allow us to save more than 60% in drying times, thus reducing the application time.

This paint provides fire resistance for up to 120 minutes (R 120).

Constructive Solutions
Steel structures

Firefilm FC2 should be applied in areas that are very well ventilated. To be able to make the application we will have to prepare the surface and apply a primer if necessary.

To prepare the surface we must check that the surface is dry and free of grease, dust and dirt; as well as free of impurities or any loose material that could prevent the proper adherence of the paint. For environments with a C1 classification, the primer of the surface is not required, in the remaining cases the structure must be compatible with two-component epoxy primers.

The application temperature must be between 0 and 35 °C with a relative humidity of less than 95%, and the substrate temperature during application must be at least 2 °C above the dew point.

Once the Firefilm FC2 hardens, a high-level finish can be achieved by sanding, to achieve this both manual and electric tools can be used. A finishing enamel can also be applied to finish its durability and provide it with a decorative finish.


CE marking of the product,  ETA 15/0691.

Tests according to European standard EN 13381-8.

Tests according to the British standard BS476-21.

Packaging Available

25 kg kit.
(Part A and Part B)

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