AF FIREGUARD 3  are pre-fabricated rock wool blankets, 30 mm thick, reinforced by a metal mesh which is covered with an anodized aluminium sheet on the outside and fibreglass fabric, specially treated with ablative material, on the inside.

The blankets are designed and developed to ensure fire protection (external fire) for ventilation ducts with a single layer of AF FIREGUARD 3.

The AF FIREGUARD 3 blankets are classified for both circular and rectangular ducts, according to the European standard EN 1366-1, and offer a fire resistance of up to 180 min.

Constructive Solutions
Ventilation Ducts
  • RECTANGULAR DUCT: measure the perimeter of the duct and increase the size by 120 mm (30 mm on each side) to compensate for the thickness of the panel + 200 mm for the overlap. (Total perimeter of the duct + 320 mm)
  • CIRCULAR DUCT: measure the circumference of the duct and increase the size by 190 mm to compensate for the thickness of the panel, + 200 mm for the overlap (Total circumference of the duct + 390 mm);
  • Cut the AF FIREGUARD 3 panel according to the calculated length
  • Wrap the cut piece around the duct that is to be protected overlapping the longitudinal joint by approximately 200 mm
  • Attach the panel using 1 mm steel wire at intervals of approx. 300 mm (3 fastenings per metre)
  • Repeat the above steps to apply a second layer on top of the first one taking care to join them correctly
  • Apply the special AF BAND 3 self-adhesive strip at the cross joint between two adjacent panels
  • Then, attach the AF BAND 3 strip by wrapping 1 mm steel wire around it once.

Tests according to European standard: EN 1366-1 for ventilation ducts

Packaging Available

6 m2 rolls

10 rolls / pallet

60 m2/pallet

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