PassiveTec® FRM  panels are manufactured based on magnesium, reinforced fibre and other refractory materials. The panels are for interior use, used for passive fire protection in ventilation ductsssmoke extraction ducts and tunnels. In addition, this system provides good thermal insulation.

The panels are easy to install and highly resistant. Their resistance makes the system durable so that is not attacked by fungi and remains stable even in high humidity.

The  PassiveTec® FRM  panels have a Euro Class A1 rating, according to EU regulations, and are designed to offer a  fire resistance of up to 240 min.

Constructive Solutions
Smoke extractors
Ventilation Ducts

First the supporting elements are installed. The duct is then conditioned with the PassiveTec® FRM panel and the intersection is sealed between the boards with fire-resistant paste.

The intersection between the duct sections is protected by an additional 300 mm wide panel cover over the joints.

In addition, in smoke extraction ducts, vertical reinforcements need to be installed at the ends of the duct sections.

The panels have a white-grey finish. The  PassiveTec® FRM can be left in their original format or can be painted if necessary. The panel edges are offered with a tapered finish if required.


Rated according to Euroclass A1.

Tests according to European standard: EN 1366-1 for ventilation ducts EN 1366-8 for smoke extraction ducts.

Packaging Available

55.2 m2/pallet

20 panels/pallet

2050 kg. per pallet

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