The fire-resistant ventilation grid allows the free circulation of air at room temperature through construction elements designed for fire resistance. When the grids are subjected to fire they swell up due to the effect of the heat, thus preventing the flames and smoke from getting through.

The grids must be fixed to the walls mechanically using suitable screws. The grids can only be installed and sealed with intumescent putty on its perimeter. Some configurations need to be installed together with decorative grids.

The ventilation grids have a fire resistance rating of up to 120 minutes

Constructive Solutions
Sealing of fire compartments
  • Intumescent grids react at low temperature (from 100 °C).
  • The grids are sealed quickly (in approximately 5 minutes).
  • The grids are made of thermoplastic covers filled with intumescent tape.
  • Easy to install
  • Use in indoor areas (avoid contact with water and continuous temperatures above 40 °C)

Tests according to European standard EN 1364-5.

Packaging Available

CIRCULAR: From 100 to 400 mm in diameter.

RECTANGULAR: Maximum dimensions 600 x 600 (mm).

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