The FR COLLAR is an intumescent collar composed of a circular steel housing that is divided in two to fit around the fire compartments by means of a simple “sliding lock” system. The steel casing contains a reactive graphite-based material that reacts when exposed to heat, closing the openings left by the installation’s combustible material.

The  FR COLLAR is designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire-rated walls and floors where they are traversed by the fire compartments. They can be used on plaster, masonry or concrete walls and floors.

Constructive Solutions
Sealing of fire compartments
  • Rated for all types of construction and fire compartments, including plastic, multilayer, metal and cable bundles..
  • Smaller pipes can be installed inside larger collars if the opening around the pipe is too large.
  • Rating up to EI 240. Maintaining integrity and isolation.
  • High soundproofing.
  • No harmful effects on cPVC piping, backed by mechanical testing.
  • Produces no emissions.
  • Easy to install using standard fixings to support works.

CE marking of the product, ETA-18/0854.

Tests according to European standard EN 1366-3.

Packaging Available

DIAMETER: From 32 mm to 400 mm.

HEIGHT: variable according to the diameter and required fire resistance.

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