The FR DAMPER is a steel structure containing horizontal steel slats treated with thermal expansion graphite that closes the entire opening of the duct in case of fire.

The FR DAMPER is used for fireproof ventilation ducts that pass through constructions such as fire compartments and fire walls, preventing the passage of fire and smoke both around the damper itself and inside the ventilation duct.

The FR DAMPER can be installed either before the installation of the duct, by fixing it to the wall/floor passage, and then connecting it to the ventilation duct, or by fixing it to the already installed duct.

The FR DAMPER offers fire resistance ratings of up to 120 minutes.

Constructive Solutions
Sealing of fire compartments
  • No maintenance or electrical connections required.
  • It can be installed on both walls and floors.
  • Seals around the vent, as well as inside it.
  • It only closes off the area where the fire is located so it can be used to extract smoke from areas that are not on fire.
  • It keeps the temperature in the ducts below 120°C and therefore protects the fans and sensitive units in the system.
  • No need to isolate the ducts..
  • Designed to fit standard ducts.
  • FR DAMPER is attached to the inside of the ducts, helping to save space.
  • One opening can include several FR DAMPERS and, in addition, technical services such as cables, cable trays and pipes.
  • The FR DAMPER is 150 mm long and the bends can be connected just behind the fire seal.
  • The FR DAMPER can be connected at one end to a fan.

Tests according to European standard EN 1366-12.

Packaging Available

CIRCULAR: From 63 mm to 1250 mm in diameter.

RECTANGULAR: Maximum dimensions 1700 x 1500 (mm).

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