The FR GRAPHITE putty has been designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through walls and floors produced by the fire compartments.

The FR GRAPHITE putty expands in contact with the fire, and seals the openings around the fire compartments when a combustible or low-temperature melting material is burned by fire. It is designed for sealing difficult services where traditional putties cannot reach, such as large plastic pipes.

The FR GRAPHITE putty offers fire protection solutions for up to 240 minutes.

Constructive Solutions
Sealing of fire compartments
  • Suitable for most plastic piping and cable constructions.
  • Easy to apply.
  • High soundproofing.
  • Low emissions.
  • No primer is needed for most materials.
  • Suitable for most surfaces: concrete, bricks, expanded clay, steel, wood, plaster, glass, PVC and most non-porous surfaces.
  • Do not use in permanently damp areas, in joints with excessive movement, ground-level or underground joints.
  • Rapid hardening.

CE marking of the product, ETA-18/0626.

Test according to European standard EN 1366-3.

Packaging Available

Box with 25 cartridges of 310 ml/64 boxes per pallet

Box with 12 cartridges of 600 ml/91 boxes per pallet

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