FR PIPE WRAP is an intumescent wrap formed by a graphite-based intumescent reaction strip, which reacts to heat and closes the opening left by the pipe, or combustible insulation of the pipe, when a fire occurs. The intumescent wrap is installed all around the pipes or insulation, and is secured with the self-adhesive tab.

The FR PIPE WRAP is designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire rated walls and floors where they are penetrated by plastic pipe, ductwork or metal piping with combustible continuous insulation. They can be used on plaster, masonry or concrete walls and floors.

Constructive Solutions
Sealing of fire compartments
  • For plastic pipes from the smallest sizes up to Ø400 mm, with a wide range of thicknesses.
  • For metal pipes with continuous elastomer-type combustible insulation, or similar.
  • For plastic pipes with cables (ducts).
  • The bands come in two different types; Made for the most common diameters and in 25-metre rolls for all diameters.
  • Fire resistance of up to EI 240 for integrity and insulation.
  • Certified for different types of plastic pipes..
  • Rated for sealing in all types of constructions.
  • Excellent soundproofing.
  • No emissions and easy to use.
  • Easy to install on the FR Board.

CE marking of the product, ETA-14/0247.

Tests according to European standard EN 1366-3.

Packaging Available

INDIVIDUAL UNITS: From 55 mm to 400 mm.

MADE TO MEASURE: Rolls of 25 m long cable.

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