Our products

Discover our range of passive fire protection products, designed to protect all types of building systems and materials under the most severe fire conditions. We have products for building, as well as for industry and tunnels, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our wide range of mortars, specially designed for passive fire protection, are formulated using different bases such as gypsum, cement and rock wool, which helps to cover the different needs of our customers and exposure conditions.

We have a great variety of intumescent paints, developed to protect metallic structures against fire with protection thicknesses that are among the most competitive on the market, across each range of fire resistance required.

The boards and firestop mats have been tested to ensure fire protection in ventilation and smoke extraction ducts.

With our wide range of seals, we provide our customers with a variety of solutions for protecting the facility’s fire compartments from one fire sector to another.