The PVBOARD-CW board is made from plaster and minerals and is reinforced with fibreglass to improve its fire-resistance performance. The board is for indoor use.

This board has been developed for passive fire protection for different construction solutions, including especially the intersection between the floor and façade. The solution between the floor and the attached façade allows for the creation of a one-metre high vertical division.

This compartmentalisation allows for vertical partitioning between the floors of the building and the façade.

PVBOARD-CW is rated as Euroclass A1, according to Community regulations, and is designed to offer a fire resistance of up to 180 minutes.

Constructive Solutions

The system consists of two strips separated by the floor, one supported on its upper side and the other is hung on its lower side, both being independent of each other. The thickness of the floor is included in the total height of the solution so that it reaches the regulation metre. The plates are fixed to the floor by means of metal brackets and between them by means of a metal umbrella screw. The intersection between the floor and the plates is sealed with intumescent paper tape and the intersection between the plates is finished with jointing paste.

The plates have a smooth, white finish. The PVBOARD-CW can be left in their original format or can be painted if necessary.


Tests according to the European standard UNE-EN 1364-4, as an intersection between the floor and the ventilated façade attached to the floor.

Packaging Available

Pallet 840 kg.

60 plates/pallet

57.6 m2/pallet

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