Perlifoc HP Eco+ is a gypsum-based fireproof mortar for passive fire protection on structural elements and is noted for its ecological certifications. Perlifoc HP Eco+ has a low density thanks to the use of light fillers, making it a high-performance mortar with great benefits. It offers thermal insulation properties, in addition to having the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Perlifoc HP Eco + stands out for its CRADLE2CRADLE certificate, which facilitates obtaining points in the LEED, BREEAM & WELL certifications.

This mortar provides fire resistance of up to 240 minutes, R240, depending on the structural element to be protected.

Constructive Solutions
Steel structures
Concrete structures
Composite decking
Firewall strips

The preparation of the surfaces to be protected with Perlifoc HP Eco+ fireproof mortar must be clean, free of pollutants and other particles that could prevent good adhesion between the product and the base. If it cannot be guaranteed that the substrate will provide sufficient adhesion, the installation of a mesh or use of an adhesion promoter is recommended to ensure its correct application.

Perlifoc HP Eco+ offers a wide range of protection for construction solutions, such as protection of steel structures, concrete structures and composite slab structures.

We recommend that it is applied using a discontinuous spraying machine, as the results are optimal in terms of density and performance. For more information on the application method, see the application manual.

Our mortar can be applied using a continuous spraying machine, although the density and consumption will be lower.

Perlifoc HP Eco+ has a rough appearance. If necessary, it can be smoothed. It can be finished with paint without affecting the fire resistance of the product.

Low temperatures should be avoided during its application for effective drying. The application temperature must be between 3 and 43°C, and the substrate temperature during the application must be at least 3°C above the dew point.

In enclosed areas with little ventilation (basements, confined spaces, etc.), an RH no greater than 60% and adequate ventilation is recommended for correct drying.


CE  marking of the product, ETA 20/0894

DAP , Cradle to Cradle
Tests according to European standard EN 13381-3 , EN 13381-4, EN 13381-5 y EN 1364-1

Packaging Available

Bags of 17 kg
42 bags/pallet (714kg)

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