Firefilm A7 is an intumescent, water-based, white paint, that is designed to provide passive fire protection for interior or semi-exposed metal structures.

Firefilm A7 allows high protection times with low thicknesses and the application of layers of up to 1,000 microns(Airless) when wet, allowing shorter installation times and greater advantages on-site.

It is fire resistant for up to 120 minutes. Firefilm A7 is solvent-free and has one of the lowest VOC contents on the market: <0.5 g/l.


Constructive Solutions
Steel structures

Firefilm A7 can be applied by airless sprayers or by brush/roller. The layers should be a maximum of 1000 microns with airless sprayers and 600 microns with a brush/roller. In order to be able to carry out the application we must first prepare the surface.

To prepare the surface we must check that all the areas to be coated are clean, dry and free of loose materials or materials that may prevent proper adhesion. If there are no such materials, the steel structures should be cleaned by blasting under dry atmospheric conditions, using an appropriately-sized and type of abrasive that has a homogeneous abrasive-particle diameter and is free of moisture and oils. Then, protect the steel with a compatible primer and follow the instructions issued by our technical department.

Do not apply directly to galvanized surfaces. Use a compatible primer.

The room temperature during application should be above 5°C.The relative humidity should be less than 80%. The surface temperature must be at least 3°C above the dew point temperature.

A compatible enamel can be applied if a decorative finish or Y display environment is required. Consult the Technical Department for compatible finishing enamels.


UL CDXA listing ref BS-RC-0023. Tests according to BS 476 Part 20/21 regulations.

Packaging Available

25-kg containers.

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