The Pyrocrete 40T mortar is a high-density, cement-based product developed specifically for passive fire protection in tunnels.

This solution is tested in the EFECTIS Laboratory in the Netherlands, according to the test procedure developed by Rijkswaterstaat and TNO for tunnel safety. The test was carried out using the RWS fire curve.

This mortar provides a fire resistance of up to 180 minutes (RWS 180).

Constructive Solutions

The Pyrocrete 40T mortar is applied wet, using a worm gear machine. To be able to carry out the application we will have to prepare the surface and put mesh in place.

First of all, we must check that the surface is free of oil, grease, dust or any other substance that could prevent the correct adherence of the system. After checking the surface, a standard mesh type will be put in place Pyrocrete Nervometal Mesh, with a weight of 1.90 Kg/m² and dimensions of 2,500 x 690 x 5mm. The mesh will be placed to cover the surface to be fireproofed with Pyrocrete 40T and thus guarantee its adhesion.

The product will be applied in two coats until the required total thickness is achieved. After applying the last layer of mortar, the surface will be smoothed to improve the aesthetics of the final result.

The Pyrocrete 40T mortar can be finished with paint by applying two coats of Carboguard 1340 plus the subsequent application of an additional coat of Carbothane 133 Series.


EFECTIS laboratory test 2014-Efec-tis-R000910.

Tecnalia laboratory test 071673-001-M1.

Packaging Available

Bags of 22.7 kg
35 bags/pallet (794.5 kg).

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