Charflame is an intumescent water-based, single component paint with no APEO. It is intended for coating structural steel elements (open sections and hollow sections) under interior or semi-exposed conditions.

It is a solvent-free, low-odour system, with a very low VOC content, which makes it an environmentally friendly paint.

It is fast-drying since it is a water-based paint. It is recommended that the work be repainted the next day. Thanks to its low thickness, it can be applied in a single layer.

The Charflame provides fire resistance for up to 90 minutes (R 90).

Constructive Solutions
Steel structures

Charflame is applied using an “AIRLESS” spray gun, although the product can also be applied by brush or roller for small areas or repairs.

Before carrying out the application the surface must be prepared, it must be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, dust, dirt or any other contamination that could prevent the product from adhering to the primer. During application, winds and high temperatures must be avoided, as they may lead to rapid or abnormal drying.

he temperature of the surface to be protected during application must be at least 4 °C above the dew point. Avoid application when there is a risk of condensation on the steel.

The Charflame paint has a white, uniform and robust finish when dry. In Y-type environments, it can be sealed with a layer of compatible finishing enamel.


CE marking of the product,  ETA 15/0146.

Tests according to European standard EN 13381-8.

Tests according to the British standard BS476-20 and BS476-21

Packaging Available

25 kg drum.

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