FR FOAM is a single-component polyurethane foam, which hardens by absorbing moisture. It has excellent adhesion to most materials used in construction, with excellent durability during service once hardened. The product also has excellent thermal properties (0.0354 W/mK).

The FR FOAM is designed to maintain fire resistance in walls by filling in the linear gaps in concrete and masonry walls.

The FR FOAM putty offers fire protection solutions of up to 240 minutes with joint widths of up to 20 mm.

Constructive Solutions
Sealing of fire compartments
  • Remove all loose particles and any contaminants such as grease and oil from the surfaces to be sealed.
  • Moisture is necessary to ensure fast and even curing of the foam. Spray the surfaces with water to wet them when the product is applied (a plant sprayer can be used for this). This is especially important in hot, dry areas.
  • The can should be shaken well, 15-20 times before use. Connect the gun to the can, but do not over-tighten or activate the application valve.
  • The can must be upside down for the application of the foam, so that the gun is underneath the can.
  • Depending on the orientation and size of the joint, better results will be obtained by building multiple layers from the bottom, thus allowing each layer to partially cure, Too much wet foam should not be inserted, since rapid expansion would cause too much hardened foam in the joint and would apply pressure to the soft materials, which could cause them to move out of position. The amount of foam can be controlled by pulling the gun trigger more or less, or by reducing the pressure on the valve.
  • Once the space or joint is completely filled, excess product should be removed by cutting it away with a knife or something similar.
  • After sealing, the foam must be covered with a substrate that is resistant to mechanical damage and UV radiation.

CE marking of the product, ETA-15/0309.

Test according to European standard EN 1366

Packaging Available

Box with 12 containers of 750 ml/48 boxes per pallet

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