Passive fire protection

Firewall strips


System designed to prevent the spread of a fire through the roof between buildings or other adjacent structures separated by a partition. In order to meet the requirements of the CTE (Spanish Technical Building Code) and, more specifically, the RSCIEI (Spanish Fire Safety Regulations for Industrial Establishments).

When a partition wall or a partitioning construction element in fire compartments is connected to the roof, the fire resistance of the roof shall be at least that required of the construction element, in a strip whose width is equal to 1 m. This strip can be:

  • Integrated into the roof itself, provided that the strip remaining in place after the collapse of the non-resistant parts of the roof can be justified.
  • Fixed to the roof structure, when it has at least the same fire resistance as the resistance required for the strip.
  • Formed by a 1 metre-wide barrier that justifies the required fire resistance, and which is located below the roof fixed to the partition wall. The barrier shall in no case be installed at a distance greater than 40 cm from the underside of the roof.

Perlita y Vermiculita has different configurations tested for the firewall strip construction system.

Here you will find some of our recommended products to ensure greater passive fire protection: